I was on a mission to find the perfect dog (as it would be my final one ) and decided on this breed “Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle “ I had friends that had recent obtained one, therefore I contacted them for info on the breeder…. which led me to My Dream Doodles & Pam.,
  She had no pups at this time but some months later when I was in her neighborhood (close by) I took a chance & asked if I could drop by & meet the two girls she was going to breed, she said absolutely & the rest is history ! I had previously completed my application and she was almost ready to breed the moms so I kept my fingers crossed 🤞!
     As it turned out she did not become pregnant this time. Pam kept me on top of things during the breeding process & letting me know after an ultrasound was done that there would be no puppies this time 🙁 She said she would completely understand if I looked elsewhere as she didn’t know when she’d eventually have a pup for me. I was so stuck on the mom ( Frankie) and the amount of professionalism shown & I also could see that she was a very caring breeder & very much in tune with her dogs. I decided without hesitation to wait for my pup from Pam …. In September 2020 it happened , it would take too long to explain the details of how good she was … helping me acquire the little girl that I had hoped for !!
I struggled at first being a senior/single mom lol, but Pam spent many nights talking me      through what I thought were challenging times.
My River is the Apple 🍎 of my eye and thanks to Pam I’m tickled pink with her now !!! Highly recommend this breeder & her beautiful puppies ❤️