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Guardian Home Information!

We are looking for guardians homes from time to time for one of our very special puppies so the puppy can have their very own loving family for a lifetime.  The ideal is a local family within a hour to a hour and half of Greenwood,  NS.

We firmly believe that our dogs benefit much more from having a home environment right from the time they are puppies, this ensures their happiness and best start in life. In this way we can continue to provide loving puppies to all of our very special families.

The cost of our puppies going into guardian homes is a fraction of the cost we pay for our dogs, with a reduced puppy price fee.  We want the best for our dogs right from the start and in this way we don’t have more dogs than we can take great care of comfortably.

This is a very affordable option to own a Australian Labradoodle puppy., We benefit as breeders so we don’t have to keep more dogs than we can comfortably take care of in our home as part of our family.  You as a guardian benefit from owning one of these remarkable, loving dogs,  but most importantly, we know each puppy has a forever home from the time he/she leaves their mother.

Although we all benefit from guardian homes,  we ask that the guardian maintain routine care of the Australian Labradoodle, which includes: Good quality food, regular grooming,  vaccines, vet care and flee/tick medications. All of which are normal pet owner expenses. All breeding related expenses are covered by the breeder.

Here at My Dream Doodles, we value our dogs as family members and we want our guardian homes to value their puppies in the same way. We will fully support our guardian homes.

My Dream Doodles retains breeding rights until the contract is fulfilled, if for some reason the dog is not used in the program, the guardian family will have a puppy for a substantially lower price.

The guardianship is not meant to be overwhelmed with information, our program is really quite simple, with some basic requirements.


1. Be a none smoking home.

2. We ask our guardians to spend time training the dog in basic commands for good behaviour, and manners. A puppy class is very helpful.

3. Own your own home.

4. Have a fenced yard or have the dog on a leash when outside of the home.

5. Have a flexible schedule.

6. Keep female dogs away from intact dogs when in season and male dogs away from intact females when in season.

7. We need to have the dog available to us for health test, breeding, and whelping puppies.

8. Exercise dog and not allow the dog to become overweight.

9. Whelping will take at place at My Dream Doodles residence unless other arrangements are made,  and yes you can visit your dog and meet the puppies.:)


If you would like to become a guardian and you feel this is right for you,  please contact us for a copy of our guardian home contract .

I’ll be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have:)


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