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Warranty and Puppy Price!

Our breeding dogs are Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles, and Multi-Gen Mini English Goldendoodle. 

What do you take home with your puppy?

  • Microchip and Registration (Eidap)
  • 2 year Health Warranty
  • First vaccines
  • Three doses of a parasite Control
  • 30 Day Trupanion Health Ins.
  • WALA Puppy Certificate
  • Genetically tested Parents
  • OFA Hips/Patella’s
  • Health Certificate
  • Puppy Culture Program that includes ENS
  • Blanket with Litter Scent
  • Stuffy
  • Harness
  • Crate Training Start
  • Potty training Start
  • Bathed, Groomed and Trimmed
  • After sales support for puppy care. 

   Health testing ensures us that we are providing superb, healthy puppies to our qualified Families! 

We do what we do for you!


We have a strict spay/neuter contract that forms part of each each PET PUPPY PURCHASE, all of our puppies sold as pets are contracted to be spayed/neutered at 6 mths. of age. The purchase of one of our puppies for the price listed is for strictly as a companion/pet puppy, other than a guardian home puppy that will be included as a breeding dog in our program..  


Purchase price of Australian Labradoodle

Our Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles price is $ 3000, this includes the $300 deposit application fee and a $200 refund that will be returned once Spay/Neuter certificate from your veterinarian has been forwarded to My Dream Doodles  as confirmation.


The price of the puppies reflects the exceptional care, medical testing, microchip, vaccines and the many hours spent with your puppy preparing them for their new home.

At three days old we start ENS (early neurological stimulation and following with age appropriate stimulation using the puppy culture guidelines, up to when they leave for their forever home., We want our puppies to get the best start in life and to grow into great adults!:)

 Full payment is due before the day the puppy is in your possession.

   We collect a $300 non-refundable deposit that forms part of the application process,. If for any reason you don’t get the puppy from the litter as planned, we will transfer your application to another litter of your chosen size submitted on your application.


 We ask that you fill out the application and answer all of the questions.  This will make it easier to match our puppies with families that will enhance each others lives.