Nestled in the beautiful valley region of Nova Scotia is a dog breeding kennel known as My DreamDoodles.  And I can speak from our personal experience and our beautiful dog “Lily of the Valley” (Lily); that you will have to go some distance, if that is even possible, to find a breeder with more passion, care, concern, and integrity, than that of Pamela Parker, owner and operator of what I would have to describe as nothing short of a ‘State of the Art’ establishment.   Let me express in detail…because detail is what this breeder knows, cares about, and so willingly shares with all the fur babies blessed to be born under her supervision as well as those folks blessed enough to have the good fortune of seeking her out as a breeder.

After always having dogs in our home, after the loss of our last dog Megan, we fostered a little senior gal from the Colchester SPCA, and it was evident she needed love and attention.  Following her spay and medical requirements, it was more evident that we were ‘failed fosters’ and she became a huge part of our family.  We loved her so much and she more than returned that love.   We were devastated when her red blood count dropped and there was nothing our wonderful veterinarian could do for our gal, and with broken hearts, we accepted that the kindest and most humane choice was humane euthanasia.  Our girl was gone, and our hearts were broken and we vowed “no more” it is just too hard.  So, for a year and a bit our hearts and home were empty.  No little paw step sounds, no one to greet you upon your return, total emptiness is what we felt.  Until that is unbeknownst to me, my husband saw how the loss had affected us and began the search for a new addition to the list of dogs who went before.

Enter My Dream Doodles, and Pamala Parker’s amazing kennel.

We were advised by Pam that yes, she was expecting to have a new litter of Miniature Goldendoodles in the coming year, so we advised her of our intention to acquire one and asked a litany of questions concerning her kennel, the mother, sire and all things in between.  Low and behold on 9 May 2022, Pam sent us word that the babies were born and were doing well. Pam forwarded photos during the various growth stages.  We chose from one of those photos and were told that at six weeks we could come for a visit.

That visit that would make any dog lover’s heart sore at the scope of love and care this breeder puts into her dogs. Nothing short of attention to detail and immense love hits you upon entering the establishment…to call this a kennel would never do justice to the manner and housing these dogs are born into.

First, you enter the kennel area which is a huge garage of sort that is attached to the main dwelling where Pam and her family reside.  You immediately are hit by the fresh smell that permeates throughout along with the overall cleanliness in a near sterile environment.   On the wall is a heat/air condition pump to ensure these little ones were perfectly acclimatized regardless, of the outside temperature.  In close proximity is the laundry area with a full-sized newer washer and dryer to ensure their blankets, toys and accessories, are always clean. There are numerous stainless steel shelving units necessary to store the never ending loads of mountainous, amounts of clean blankets necessary to keep the kennel looking as pristine as it is with other shelving units stocked with food and other necessities to promote a thriving, healthy litter.

This breeder never cut any corners or skimped on anything to ensure a healthy happy start for her puppies who will eventually become a big part of someone’s life.   The living arrangements for these little dudes and ‘dudetts’ is so well thought out that I could not imagine where one other luxury could be added.  From what I have described here to the large play area complete with every imaginable, safe toy available on the market, it is everything that anyone looking for a good dog and an amazing breeder could hope for.   Pam is a breeder who cares and follows up with you after the purchase while making herself available for any questions and concerns one might have.  We would highly recommend this breeder to anyone, and I would challenge anyone to find better.